Emergency Response Plan


Parent Reunification

Our parent reunification plan will be activated in the event it is necessary relocate our entire student population to an alternative site. This would take place if school officials determine that keeping students and staff in the school setting would be hazardous to their health and/or safety. School district officials will disseminate information to parents/guardians via school messenger audio call, text messages, e-mail and radio announcements. Communications will include pertinent information about the situation as well as details regarding when, where, and how to unify with your child. It is essential that emergency responders and appropriate school staff are able to manage the incident efficiently and parents/guardians should not approach the incident zone. Parents/guardians should go only to the designated pick-up area communicated. Once at the alternative site, school personnel will organize students and take attendance. Students will be released only once all students are accounted for. This may take some time, so please be patient as it is critical to student safety.

When you arrive at the reunification site to pick up your child, there will be three stations: A
-H, I-Q and R-Z. Please report to the station that has the first letter of your childs last name. It is crucial that parents/guardians report directly to their pick-up station to allow for organization and accountability for all students. Give the staff member at that station your childs name and they will be brought to you at the station. All parents/guardians must be positively identified by staff. Unless a persons name is on our list as having permission to pick up your child, we will not release your child to them.

This process is intended to efficiently account for all students and make sure that they are reunified with their parent/guardian. In the event that an evacuation and reunification would be required, the district will keep an open line of communication with our parents to keep them in- formed. Please feel free to contact us at any time if there are questions regarding our emergency plans and procedures. 

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