School Property

The appearance of your school grounds and corridors reflects upon the entire school, particularly the students.

School Building

All waste paper is to be placed in the receptacles provided for that purpose. Marking or marring doors, walls, floors, lockers, desks or any other school property is prohibited. Students caught defacing school property will be subject to disciplinary action and parents will be held liable.


Once a book is given to you, you will be responsible for it. If it is lost, damaged, or misused, you may be expected to pay for it. Remember to check lost and found for any items you may have misplaced or lost. In case of a withdrawal from school, you must return all books to the teachers who issued them.

Musical Instruments

Students who are eligible to borrow Rome City School District instruments must keep their instrument in good working condition. If instruments are damaged or lost, parents and/or guardians may be billed for repair or replacement fees.


School Lockers

Students will not be able to carry book bags and will also be provided a locker. Book bags should not become a distraction to the educational process at anytime.

Your locker must remain neat, organized and orderly at all times, ready for inspection. Do not force your lock or mutilate it at any time. Report any defects to staff members.

Know your combination and keep it to yourself. You will be required to remove any non-school issued lock.

Students may go to their lockers before first period class, before and after lunch periods, between bells and after school. Students found at their lockers at any other time will be subject to disciplinary actions. It is your responsibility to be prepared for class with the proper books and homework.

School lockers are the property of the School District and are available for student use under the following conditions:

1. Articles of an illegal nature, such as alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, incendiary materials (fireworks) or other contraband shall not be placed in school lockers at any time.

  1. Each school locker shall be subject to inspection by school officials at any time, without advance permission of the student using the locker.

  2. Students are to use only those lockers assigned to them by the administration. Combinations are not to be given out to others because locker security can be a problem. The school cannot be responsible for the loss and/or theft of personal property kept in the lockers.

Students are encouraged not to bring personal items of value to school. Personal items that are brought to school should be secured in locker. The district can not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

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